What Is 'Gold Hydrogen' & Why Is It So Crucial?

Newsum |  Author : Akanksha Choudhary Published Nov 25 2022

Hydrogen has long been acclaimed as a fuel of the future since it burns with no carbon emissions.

The fuel known as Gold Hydrogen can be generated by introducing bacteria to used drill holes.

Texas-based biotech company Cemvita Factory spritzed a precisely chosen mixture of bacteria and nutrients down the drill hole.

Image Credits: insideclimatenews.com

The bacteria enters the well and starts degrading the remaining crude hydrocarbons present.

Image Credits: vox.com

The field test was conducted in July & according to chief business officer Charles Nelson, was a "great success."

The company wants to use bacteria to clean oil wells, enabling long-term, reliable hydrogen production at a cost of $1/km

Image Credits: wikipedia.org

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