January 18, 2023

These Co-CEOs Are Making Plastic Disappear! Meet Earthshot Prize winner: Notpla

Editor: Akanksha Choudhary



The sea is where Pierre Paslier & Rodrigo Garcia Gonzalez discovered the answer.

Video Credits: Youtube/Notpla

They use plants and seaweed to replace plastic. 

Their first product, Ooho, went viral after their initial video about an edible bubble encasing water.

The brand Notpla, which stands for "not plastic," was launched in 2019 

Their identity & brand strategy positions them as a pioneer in environmental sustainability.

The creators of Notpla were awarded the Earthshot Prize in the category "Build a Waste-Free World." 

The Award, which was started by Prince William, gives winners £1 million (€1.2 million) . 

The Earthshot Prize supports  ground-breaking approaches to the climate challenge. 

Per Notpla, the funds will be used for both increased research and development & commercialization. 

Seaweed is now starting to gain the respect it really deserves as a very efficient, organic method of storing CO2.

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