Star Citizen Surpasses $526 Million In Crowdfunding!

Newsum |  Author : Akanksha Choudhary Published Nov 25 2022

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The crowdfunding total for Star Citizen's Interactive Aerospace Expo (IAE) 2952 is growing constantly.

As of now, $526,692,740 has been contributed, according to the financing data tracker on Roberts Space Industries.

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The annual event, which in the game's universe correlates to the year 2952, is the grandest event held by the company.

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After being introduced more than a decade ago, Star Citizen is still under development for PC.

IAE 2952 might be responsible for the surge in financing, & as it expires on Nov 30th, there might be a rise in the crowdfunding total even more.

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Aside from being free to use during the event, there are a number of in-game manufacturers that players may explore.

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