Scientists find link between breast implants and cancer

Females with breast implants are more likely to develop anaplastic large-cell lymphoma

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ALCL is a kind of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

An estimated 96% of women with ALCL had textured implants 

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Experts believe textured surface might trigger immune system in a way that causes cancer.

Recently FDA (USA) issued cancer warning linked to breast implants

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A recent data from United Kingdom suggests prevalence of BIA-ALCL in 1 of 15000 people with implants.

An estimate suggests the number of women worldwide to have received breast implants range from 5 million to 35 million

400,000 women have breast augmentation surgery every year in the USA alone.  It is mainly either for cosmetic reasons or after a mastectomy.

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FDA made a disclaimer saying the purpose of the FDA communication is to alert people rather than recommend any course of action.

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Image Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images