January 31, 2023

Oscar (6) Climbs 12 U.K Peaks to Give Poor Kids a Vacation


Editor: Akanksha Choudhary

Oscar Burrow, (6) from Lancaster is embarking on a journey to climb 12 of the highest mountains in the UK. 

Images via- Oscar's Facebook page

He has a goal of becoming the youngest person to summit Mount Everest someday.

Oscar has a passion for rock climbing, mountaineering and Bear Grylls. 

Oscar was inspired by Sir Edmund Hillary's climb of Mount Everest he saw in school.

Oscar has already conquered 6 mountains, the first being Inglebrough in the Yorkshire Dales.

Through this challenge, Oscar aims to raise funds for Derian House Children’s Hospice in Chorley. 

Oscar is trying to help children at the hospice go on holiday! 

Oscar's fundraising challenge has been impressive, he has raised over £4,200 till now!

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