Feb 3, 2023

Match made in Woof: What Your Dog Breed Says About Your Personality!

By: Akanksha Choudhary

Woof Report

These Individuals exhibit traits of being sturdy and reliable. Like the breed, they possess determination and strong concentration ability. 

German Shepherd

If you're a fan of Labs, it says that you are amiable and composed in nature. You are fiercely faithful to those you care about.


These owners possess the amazing conversational skill and they have a smart that draws people towards them.


If Pomeranians are your favorite breed, you're a social butterfly and a consummate extrovert. You possess a charismatic personality.


These Individuals are known for their devoted and loving nature, as well as their warmheartedness. They  prefer a more rural lifestyle over a bustling city.

Saint Bernard

GR lovers are known for their social and adventurous personalities. They are alert, energetic, and graceful.

Golden Retriever

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