Newsum |  Author : Akanksha Choudhary Published Nov 25 2022

Largest Music App In The World: Spotify or Apple Music?

Students frequently choose Apple Music and Spotify as their preferred music streaming services.

Apple Music has had a tremendous impact on the streaming market, with an estimated 88 million users.

However, with around 195 million active premium users, Spotify is regarded as the biggest music service in the world

and here's why 

Spotify's ability to craft a personalized playlist for users by specifically catering to their likes is one of its biggest appeals.

Playlists and music sharing

Showtime and Hulu are included in Spotify's student premium plan for $4.99 per month, whereas Apple Music charges $5.99 per month 

Discounts for students


Spotify is the best streaming service for those who enjoy podcasts.

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