Know Antarctica Strikes Gold with Record-Breaking Meteorite Discovery A team of fearless scientists braved the harsh and unforgiving conditions of the Antarctic to make an exciting discovery.  

The team, which included researchers from Field Museum and the University of Chicago’s Maria Valdes, recovered a total of five new meteorites 

including a massive 16.7-pound (7.6 kg) space rock. According to Valdes, out of the 45,000 meteorites that have been retrieved from Antarctica to date 

Despite their size, even the smallest meteorites, known as micrometeorites, can hold immense scientific value. 

However, the discovery of a meteorite of this size is considered a rare and thrilling event. Valdes stated that, “finding a big meteorite like this one is rare and really exciting.”  

This new discovery provides valuable insights into the formation and composition of the solar system, and offers a glimpse into the mysteries of the universe.

The exploration team, headed by planetary scientist Vinciane Debaille of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (FNRS-ULB)  

In Belgium, was the first to investigate new potential meteorite sites using satellite imagery. Despite the challenge of the remote location 

Despite the challenge of the remote location, the team was excited to embark on this adventure. The harsh conditions of Antarctica with temperatures reaching minus 10 degrees Celsius