Know About Tackling Feticides, Global warming & Unemployment! Piplantri village in India is gaining headlines for programs that support environmental preservation, women’s empowerment 

and increased economic prospects. All of this is a result of one man’s enormous dreams for his community. 

The steadily dropping sex ratio in several regions of India over the past few decades has long worried sociologists, political analysts 

and intellectuals. One man’s effort in a community has provided a model of reformation at a time when even strict legislative restrictions  

In Rajasthan’s Rajsamand district, the birth of baby girls is considered as unpleasant news to the residents of Piplantri. 

Infanticide and female feticides were not unknown crimes. This was mostly caused by the extensive dowry system that was prevalent in the community.  

Shyam Sunder Paliwal, a social activist and former sarpanch (head) of Piplantri village, steps in with his vision for the girls’ future. 

He thought that if the families of newborn baby girls planted trees & cared for them for eighteen years they would be able to secure sufficient funds for the girl’s wedding 

He got off to a terrific start working with the government. Paliwal first encountered difficulties carrying out this idea.