feb 4, 2023

Honest Hero: Indian Man Returns Lost Wallet and Refuses Reward Twice

Kind Humans

By Akanksha Choudhary

A traveler from another country who was visiting India accidentally left their wallet in a train compartment, and what happened  next will warm your heart!

Steph received a message on Instagram from a man who ran a stall at the train station. The message informed Steph that the man had found her wallet 

Chirag, the man who found the wallet, reached out to Steph and informed her of the contents of the wallet. He then asked her to come and collect it from him.

Steph went to the train station to look for Chirag. When she found him, she thanked him for taking care of her wallet 

Steph offered Chirag some money as a token of appreciation, but he politely declined. Even after her friend returned to offer him money again, Chirag still refused to accept it.

In a video she shared, Steph mentioned that people often have negative opinions about Indians, but her personal experiences have always been positive.

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