Know Biggest Wealth Fund Dumps Fossil Fuel Investments for a Greener Future The Norwegian parliament recently approved a historic decision to divest from fossil fuels 

with the country’s sovereign wealth fund, which oversees assets worth $1tn, set to sell more than $13bn of investments.  

The coal companies in question could potentially include well-known names such as Anglo-American, Glencore, and RWE. 

Norway’s Government Pension Fund Global, which is based on the country’s oil wealth, will sell investments worth $7bn in oil exploration and production firms. 

The fund will still hold stakes in oil companies that are reducing their fossil fuel reliance by investing in clean energy 

such as BP and Shell, but exclude North Sea companies listed in London such as Premier Oil and Tullow Oil.  

The fund will also divest from any company that produces over 10GW of electricity from coal or mines more than 20 million tonnes of thermal coal per year.  

This marks a step forward in fossil fuel divestment. The fund will now have the legal authority to invest directly in renewable energy projects 

with up to $20bn available for investment, starting with wind and solar projects in developed markets.