January 20, 2023

A Revolutionary ‘Base Editing’ Tech Helps Alyssa (13) to get Cancer Free!


Editor: Akanksha Choudhary

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For the first time, untreatable cancer was Successfuly treated using a new type of modification technique.

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In 2016, Alyssa (13) was diagnosed with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

T-Cell is a type of white blood cell that the body requires to destroy foreign threats.

Base editing is basically altering 1 letter in the genetic code.

Base editing was used to modify genes in Ayssa's case

Cancerous cell

Alyssa's T-cells were modified to withstand chemo

Then, markings were removed to protect donor cells


Lastly, receptors were removed to stop donor T- cells from attacking the host.

Alyssa has passed both of her most recent exams and is Cancer Free!

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