Know About Rare Addition: Endangered Western Chimpanzee Born In todays awesome news: Chester Zoo announced the arrival of a western chimpanzee baby 

The birth of the baby chimpanzee is a boost for conservation efforts as western chimpanzees are critically endangered. 

Andrew Lenihan, team manager at the zoo, said that the zoo is incredibly proud of the new arrival and that the baby’s mother 

The zoo has released images of ZeeZee cradling her newborn infant. Great ape experts have reported that the new arrival is in good health  

spent his first few weeks bonding with his mother and the rest of the zoo’s 22 western chimpanzees. 

Chimpanzees are born with a white tuft of hair on their rear which signals to others in the troop to be gentle with them until puberty. 

According to Mr. Lenihan, the birth of a new chimpanzee creates a lot of excitement in the group and the raising of a youngster becomes a real extended family affair. 

The new baby is often passed around among other females who want to lend a helping hand to the mother and give her some well-deserved rest.  

He also mentioned that the new baby’s sister Stevie has taken a real shine to him which is great to see. 

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