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'the whale' had its official debut at the Venice Film Festival.

Brendan Fraser has been creating buzz ever since

The Whale is a Darren Aronofsky directed, 2022 American psychological drama film with a script by Samuel D. Hunter.

The actor, who plays a 600-pound gay man who is confined to a wheelchair in the movie, was overwhelmed at the film festival when the credits rolled.

The six-minute standing ovation, which Fraser sobbed through, will probably put him in the lead for this year's best actor Oscar.

Fraser wore a prosthetic outfit to play the main character in the movie, which added between 50 and 300 pounds depending on the scene.

To completely embody the part, the actor spent up to six hours every day in the makeup chair.

The actor makes a significant comeback in "The Whale," which is his first leading part since the direct-to-DVD action movie "Breakout" from 2013.

Charlie, an English teacher who is severely obese, is played by Fraser. He gives lectures online with his camera off. His daily schedule calls for frequent visits from his caregiver.

The Whale will have its US theatrical debut on December 9, 2022, thanks to A24, following its 79th Venice International Film Festival premiere on Sept. 4.

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