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The Woman King in theaters now!

the story of 19th-century female warriors in an African kingdom serves as the starting point for "The Woman King."

As General Nanisca, the head of the Agojie, Viola Davis, in her typically regal form, serves as the film's core.

A young Agojie warrior and one of the Brazilian slave traders, whose father is white and mother is from Dahomey, fall in love in a side plot in the movie.

The film is about a group of female warriors who forego childbirth and marriage in order to pursue martial arts and protect their kingdom.

Nawi, a young trainee, can be seen here arriving at the palace's doors when her father gives up attempting to arrange a marriage for her.

She is then taken under Izogie's wing and trained for the grueling process that will eventually enlist her in this corps of elite soldiers.

The Motion Picture Association has given the current Sony/TriStar release, "The Woman King," a PG-13 rating.

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Strong violence scenes, unsettling content, thematic matter, brief language, and partial nudity can be expected out of this 134 mins film.

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