The Wait Is Over! Wendell & Wild Out Now

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A stop-motion movie by the OG Henry Selick has been eagerly anticipated.

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A couple of demon brothers plotting to leave the underworld is how the film opens.

They believe they have found their escape route in the form of a kid named Kat who has supernatural powers.

The title characters are voiced by Peele and  Keegan-Michael Key.

Throughout, there are distinctly quirky details, such as Kat's love of Afropunk music and her bond with a crafty nun.

Both the heroes and the villains freely breach the line between life and death in the movie's plot.

‘Wendell & Wild’ has been rated PG-13 rating for strong language, violence, and substance use.

Video Credits: youtube/netflix

The movie is 1 hr, 45 mins long and is currently streaming on Netflix.

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