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Remembering the most fashionable queen ever.

A young queen looked gorgeous in her silk gown and all the customary royal accoutrements when she was pictured in 1953, a year after being crowned.

Image Credit: historynet

Even though this picture was taken in 1975, current royals may well be seen wearing a floral print shift even today.

Image Credit: Today.com

The queen, seen here in 1984 in Jordan, wearing a pastel blue gown with diamond accessories looks stunning.

Image Credit: Today.com

One of the queen's special powers in style was playing with texture. On the red carpet in 2001, she is pictured wearing a pale yellow and gold lace gown.

Image Credit: Today.com

When Barack and Michelle Obama visited London in 2011, the queen chose a streamlined white gown with gleaming gold accents.

Image Credit: Ktar.com

In 2012, the monarch attended an event at Royal Albert Hall wearing a wrap-style metallic gown that made her look as stunning as gold.

Image Credit: Today.com

She attended the Epsom Derby in 2018 wearing a lovely blue coat and matching hat. Queen Elizabeth II loved wearing delicate pastels.

Image Credit: townandcounreymag

At a Platinum Jubilee event in 2022, the queen looked magnificent in her light blue shift dress with lace flower embellishments.

Image Credit: Usatoday

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