Sweden Will Soon Have E Flying Ferries!

Image Credits: positivenews.com

Image Credits: citiestoday

The Swedish capital’s diesel ferries will soon be replaced by electric-powered ferries.

Image Credits: impactlab.com

It is anticipated that the new ferry will be the world's swiftest electric passenger vessel

Image Credits: positivenews.com

The ferry was created by a Swedish start-up known as Candela.

Image Credits: wired.com

The company intends to launch the first 30-seat yacht in November.

Image Credits: candela.com

Hydrofoils are used to propel the ferry into the air, giving it a "hovering" appearance.

Image Credits: cnn.com

The vessel will initially be used to reduce travel time between the Stockholm city centre and the outlying suburb of Ekerö.

Image Credits: positivenews.com

Additionally, commuters can expect sensor-controlled stabilization, which claims to eliminate motion sickness.

Image Credits: electrek.com 

The ferries will start operating as a part of Stockholm’s public transportation by 2023.

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