remembering Princess diana 

- on her 25th death anniversary 

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Diana Frances Spencer, the Princess of Wales, was born on July 1st, 1961 in Norfolk. In 1975, she adopted the title Lady Diana Spencer.

She excelled in music and dance at school and received an award for offering maximum help to her classmates and the school.

On July 29, 1981, The Prince of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer exchanged vows in St. Paul's Cathedral in London.

Diana had two sons: Prince William and Prince Henry . The Princess was still acknowledged as a member of the Royal Family after her divorce.

The Princess served as president of more than 100 charities. Diana worked hard to raise awareness of her advocacy for disabled and homeless people.

even after her divorce, she continued many of her charitable endeavours, such as working with AIDS victims, children's issues, and the arts.

25 years after Diana's passing, there is still curiosity about her. Docuseries, films, and tv shows have been produced recently, notably "The Crown" on Netflix.

Princess Diana, who tragically perished in a car accident in Paris 25 years ago, remains an icon of popular fascination.

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