"Phantom" to close after 35 years

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The longest-running Broadway production in history, The Phantom of the Opera, is closing after 35 years.

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The renowned production will mark its 35th anniversary in Jan and give its final performance at Broadway's Majestic Theatre on Feb 18 

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The production is created by legendary figures in musical theatre: Hal Prince, Cameron Mackintosh, and Andrew Lloyd Webber.

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Prior to its Broadway debut on January 26, 1988, "Phantom" had its West End premiere in London in October 1986.

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In "Phantom," a mystery opera lover wearing a mask haunts the Paris Opera House and develops an infatuation for a young, beautiful singer.

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The production is based on Gaston Leroux's 1910 French novel of the same name, "Phantom"

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The pandemic prompted a decline in attendance, which led to the show's demise. The show hasn't sold enough to cover its exorbitant expenses.

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"Phantom," has been seen in 183 cities worldwide, although it will leave Broadway but is still running strong across the world.

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