Solved: Mystery behind shipping containers 

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in the middle of the night at various parks, big containers were unexpectedly placed at random locations.

These 25 containers were also being watched by the authorities in 25 completely separate cities.

Nas Daily, a youtuber, started by discussing the dangers of the internet in order to unravel the mystery of these containers.

He continues by explaining why everyone on the internet is so irate and critical in the comments while hiding behind their screens.

to creatively address this issue,  Museum for the UN created a portal that enables face-to-face dialog between strangers.

these containers are placed in 25  cities and are each equipped with a camera, a microphone, and a large screen,

people in these 25 cities can enter the container and converse with or eat meals with someone from a whole different country.

These containers are placed in less popular nations like Iraq, Palestine, Qatar, Indonesia, and India.

Museum for the UN asserts that this is not an experiment that will end, but rather a practice that will continue indefinitely.

Video Source: Youtube/NasDaily

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