Have you watched 'What is a Woman?' yet?

Image Source: Medium.com

Matt Walsh will be presenting the documentary 'What Is a Woman?' which examines gender and transgender issues.

The Daily Wire produced and released the documentary, and was directed by Justin Folk.

It features Walsh asking, "What is a woman?," to a range of people, including politicians, doctors, and a psychiatrist.

Transgenders, puberty blockers, gender transition surgery, and trans athletes are among topics covered in the documentary.

During the premiere, per The Daily Wire, a distributed denial of service attack was launched against the website.

The majority of the people that were spoken to during the production, didn't want to talk about it says Walsh.

A book by Walsh titled What Is a Woman?: One Man's Journey to Answer the Question of a Generation was also released on June 14.

This documentary is available for the viewers to watch on HBO Max.

Video Source: Youtube/MattWalsh

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