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at Dinosaur Valley State Park.

Dinosaur tracks uncovered near Texas :

This past summer's extreme drought caused the river to entirely dry up in most places, making it possible to find more footprints in the park.

Photos from the southern US state depict three-toed footprints descending a dry, tree-lined riverbank.

Acrocanthosaurus, which was 15 feet tall and nearly seven tonnes in weight as an adult, left the majority of the traces that have lately come to light.

Sauroposeidon, another dinosaur, also left footprints in the area. When fully grown, it could have been upto 60 feet tall and weighed 44 tonnes.

The state park,where the tracks have been found, is southwest of Dallas which was formerly on the border of an ancient ocean.

According to the superintendent of Texas state park, the drought revealed more than 60 dinosaur footprints on one route.

The tracks were exposed by the drought, but rain is anticipated, so they will likely be covered once more.

There are five main track sites at Dinosaur Valley State Park, where visitors can "Map Dinosaur Tracks" and follow their footsteps.

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