Did you know about this Japanese Fair? 

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Wara art festival in Japan is celebrated at the end of the fall rice harvest since the past 13 years.

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The straw, a leftover from the rice harvest, was formerly utilized to weave everything from sandals to different utensils.

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During the winter, the rice straw also generated revenue for the farmers, as they could sell numerous weaved items.

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The enormous creatures, which may occasionally reach heights of over 30 feet, are made by artists working along with local farmers.

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Farmers collect the rice straw required for the artwork and students are invited to form Wara Art production teams at Musabi each year.

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The first stage for the formation of these creatures include a wooden framework so that straw thatches can be fastened to it.

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Then Straw thatches numbering in the 100s or perhaps 1000s are tied around the wooden structure, to create these artworks.

Image Source: thursd.com

The sculptures, can range from everyday animals like goats, cats to mythical ones like dragons.

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