Did you know about the robot slime?

Image Source: instructables.com

A different kind of magnetic slime has been created at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

It can be employed within the body to recover objects that were accidentally swallowed.

The resilient slime can navigate intricate and constrained spaces just millimeters wide.

The slime is formally called "Reconfigurable Magnetic Slime Robot."

It might be perfect for delivering drugs to specific areas of the body or for less intrusive surgery.

This robot slime is capable of moving up to 30 millimeters per second.

The co-authors of this research are Mengmeng Sun, Chenyao Tian, Liyang Mao, Xianghe Meng, Hui Xie and professor Li Zhang.

This Slime robot is brown, slimy, and capable of moving throughout your body.

Video Source: youtube/CNET

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