31st May is World No Tobacco Day

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31st May is observed as World No Tobacco Day across the world by the United Nations. This day seeks to underscore the ill-effects of the consumption of tobacco and its products, to draw the attention of the public to the tobacco epidemic, to educate about the preventable diseases associated with tobacco use, and to help people become more aware of what they can do to lead a healthy life without the use of tobacco.

The World Tobacco Day was created by the members of the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1987. Subsequently, a resolution was passed in 1988, which called for the observation of the World No Tobacco Day on 31st May each year.

Theme of World Tobacco Day 2020

The theme of the World Tobacco Day 2020 is “Protecting youth from industry manipulation and preventing them from tobacco and nicotine use”.

The youth is one of the most vulnerable sections of the society, easily swayed by the lure and manipulation of the tobacco industry. Exploiting this fact, the tobacco industry has, for years, deliberately employed marketing strategies and tactics to lure this susceptible and new generation of users.

This theme seeks to bring more awareness among the youth about the ill-effects of tobacco and its associated products. It helps to give them the necessary tools and resources to stop tobacco consumption. Further, it also seeks to debunk some myths and expose the tactics of the tobacco industry to attract the youth.

This World No Tobacco Day, let’s pledge to become a generation free of tobacco consumption!

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