Generous Group Leaves $4.6K Tip: ‘We were just, tears’ says waitress

the Wicked Smaht Zone

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At Tavern on the Wharf in Plymouth, a group of Peloton enthusiasts, known as the Wicked Smaht Zone, made an impact over the weekend with a random act of kindness. The group, consisting of 22 individuals, gathered for breakfast and left behind a generous tip amounting to over $4600. The act of generosity was a surprise to the server, Megan Oliveira, who was moved to tears upon counting the cash.

According to the organizer of the group, Josh Vernon, the aim of their visit was to pay it forward and spread positivity in the community. He believes that having a platform, no matter how big or small, presents an opportunity to give back and make a difference. He encourages others to use their platform for good and make a positive impact, as every little bit counts.

The act of kindness left a lasting impact on everyone involved, as it not only brightened the day of the server but also made everyone at breakfast feel good. It serves as a reminder that even small acts of kindness can have a significant impact on those around us. The gesture of generosity also highlights the importance of spreading positivity and making a conscious effort to bring joy to others, especially in these challenging times.

In addition to the 22 people who gathered at Tavern on the Wharf in Plymouth, over 100 members of the Wicked Smaht Zone, a New England Facebook group of Peloton enthusiasts, also contributed to the generous tip left for the servers. The act of kindness had a profound impact on the recipient, Megan Oliveira, who was overcome with gratitude. Oliveira, who is a single mother of two, expressed her appreciation for the unexpected help as she was facing a difficult time with rent due in just a couple of days. The gesture touched her deeply and left her in tears as she talked about it.

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The tip also made a lasting impression on Madison Whittles of Tavern on the Wharf, who noted the fluctuation in the service industry and the uncertainty that comes with it. The massive tip left by the Wicked Smaht Zone was a welcome surprise during one of the slower months of the year and left the servers in shock and amazement.

This is not the first time the Wicked Smaht Zone has made a positive impact through their acts of kindness. Last year, the group left a massive tip in Mendon, and as their community grows, with over 1800 members, they hope to make this a yearly tradition. The group’s actions serve as an inspiration to us all and remind us of the power of generosity and kindness. As the Wicked Smaht Zone continues to grow, they will continue to spread positivity and make a difference in their community.

This act of kindness by the Wicked Smaht Zone at Tavern on the Wharf is a testament to the power of generosity and the positive impact it can have on those around us. It inspires us to pay it forward and make a difference in our communities. We can all learn from this example and strive to make a positive impact, no matter how small.

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